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Your Photos: National Dog Day 2014

Happy National Dog Day! While you are probably loving your pooch every day of the year, August 26 is the day to shout it loud and proud.

Dogs can do some pretty amazing things. Just look at your own, who comes when you call, sits when you say so, and knows enough to only chew up your last-season footwear. History is filled with tales (and tails) of highly 

New Yorkers can head out to the pound and take home a new friend as part of National Dog Day.

Today is the 10th annual National Dog Day. And what better way is there to celebrate than by paying tribute to the gamer's best friend? Who is your favorite fictional dog from a video game, and why?

Therapy dog facilitators Charlie and Sally Brugnola told the Daily Press on Thursday that Sweetheart scampered into doggie-heaven on Tuesday morning. It was National Dog Day. “Two nights ago, our Sweetheart was experiencing some severe pain for the 


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