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Utopia: “Series Premiere, Part One”

"Utopia" hasn't premiered on FOX yet, but the drama continues to build. One pioneer was booted before moving into the compound and another was rushed to the hospital. Now, Dave Green has removed himself from the show. After an argument with fellow 

The Utopian society has no heat, electricity or plumbing, but has a a self-filtering lake for water and a barn with two dairy cows and twelve chickens. One major fight is said to have already broken out between one man, Josh, who was drunk at the time

When Fox debuts the much-buzzed about series Utopia on Sept. 7, viewers may notice a familiar voice singing the theme song: American Idol alum Chris Daughtry. The season-five finalist says show producers reached out to 

As viewers of the streaming live feeds already know, “Utopia” has begun. The Fox series won't premiere on the network until Sept. 9, but the social experiment is under way. Only, there's something missing. One of the 

Fox's big-bet reality experiment Utopia is already getting a little naked, weird, and even popular ahead of its network premiere this Sunday. In the first week of live online streaming from the remote California production site of the new reality

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