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Jennifer Lawrence's rep: Stolen photos are 'flagrant violation of privacy'

Several hours ago nude and risqué photos of many celebrities leaked online, the work of a hacker who, it is alleged, successfully breached Apple's iCloud service and copied the photos. While some celebrities have disputed the authenticity of the images

Actor Jennifer Lawrence, star of the Hunger Games franchise, is one of more than 100 celebrities who have learned overnight that even their own phones have been recruited to the surveillance against them. Over the past few hours, news outlets have run

(CNN) — A publicist for Jennifer Lawrence slammed the appearance of nude photographs of the Oscar-winning actress online Sunday as a “flagrant violation of privacy.” “The authorities have been contacted and will 

Chris Martin Reportedly Writes Songs for Jennifer Lawrence! Things seem to be going strong between the rumored new couple Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin!

Jennifer Lawrence trips at the Oscars, drops F-bombs and loves fast food. In short, she is everything that Gwyneth Paltrow is not, and the out-of-touch Goop guru is furious that her ex, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, has 


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