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Michael Kay

Michael is living proof that there is a fine line between genius and madness, and testimony to the fact that once you cross that line it’s a damn arduous journey back. With strange sense of humour as incredulous as David Hasselhoff’s success in Germany, Michael will post a point of view that may make you laugh or make you cry, but hopefully, at the very least, make you think. Agree or disagree or simply just intrigued, this is a very subjective commentary that often may offend (In fact it most probably will inevitably offend someone, somewhere. Perhaps repeatedly!)

The views expressed in these posts are for entertainment purposes only, and are not shared by anyone related to the sites where these comments are posted, in fact we doubt these are even the views of the author in question and may testify to this if pressed.



The dream

He had a dream. In vivid colour. The sky a sparkling blue. The air so crisp and clear the horizon seemed an eternity away. The trees were green, branches hanging low under the weight of perfect fruit. He took a breath so deep he thought his lungs would surely burst. The air so clean and fresh. The sun’s rays warmed ... Read More »


Enjoying some well-deserved downtime the other day I treated myself to a little couch surfing and channel hopping. It’s hard to believe how tough it is finding something worth watching now days. Surprisingly I ended up on a local derivative of a show I had seen on one of the BBC channels, called Dragons Den. In brief, what happens is ... Read More »

Open letter to a racist …

Dear Ntsiki Mazwai I am not ashamed of my pale skin. I was born and raised in Africa. I am an African. The biggest difference between me and you is that I do not judge people by the colour of their skin, where you are a RACIST! You are a racist of the worst kind. You write racist propaganda and ... Read More »

R 55 000.00 per month is not enough

Okay, I’m not a big fan of Soaps and if I accidentally walk in on someone watching a show once a year, it seems fairly easy to pick up the storyline and catch up from where I last saw it in a single episode. However I try to remain objective and give a fair commentary encompassing both sides of the ... Read More »

I agree with Malema

Now there are a few phrases that I never imagined I would ever use, and then one level below that I would put phrases that are just damn silly, like; “How fast do you think you can drive while I hang on the roof? “, and then a level beneath that the ludicrously impossible phrases, like: “No thank you, I ... Read More »

City of Cape Town Reduced Revenue

As seems to be the case more frequently in South Africa at the moment, I honestly do not know if I should laugh or cry. Put aside the usual stories of neglected power stations and the poorly maintained grid. Forget for a moment the escalating electricity rates and how the country would rather export electricity, at a loss, than support ... Read More »